Globazines take you on a trip around the world. A collection of skirts, shorts and trousers inspired by magical places and dream destinations.

Unique design

An extremely recognizable style, with a very high waist, which highlights the most sensual point of the female body.

The meticulous research of fine fabrics and the always different combination with vintage and archive buttons make each garment a unique piece.

A gesture of deep attention towards customers. Unique and special for us.

It is an honor to entrust the wearer with the art of knowing how to interpret them according to their personal style.

You can choose the Globazine you like best or create one tailor-made for you in total autonomy.

Don't know which one to choose or want to customize your Globazine?


Inspired by travels and places around the world, each "Globazine" bears its own name, distinctive and unrepeatable: from Bolgheri to Camogli, from Chelsea to Nairobi, the name of a dream destination.

A travel diary to wear in everyday life to dream of wonderful destinations.