Le Globazine is an all-Italian brand of skirts and trousers with a distinctive design characterized by the iconic high waist.

Made in Italy tailoring, careful and quality craftsmanship, refined research fabrics combined with vintage or handmade buttons, make each garment a unique piece destined to last over time.

Perfect when mixed with a sober t-shirt or a white men's shirt, Le Globazine give a naturally chic and practical style designed for an independent, busy woman who travels the world.

Behind Le Globazine there is Savoy elegance, the authenticity of tradition that meets contemporary taste and a cosmopolitan spirit .

Tailored garments born from the creator Lulli Anfossi's love for travel and an innate passion for style and the search for special garments.

Each garment is handmade in Italy and is the result of unique combinations of fabrics and buttons, following taste and instinct . A new concept of fashion that slows down to restore the right value to craftsmanship, to things made well and made in Italy.

Precious materials, no seasonal connotations, but a timeless style destined to last beyond trends.

Inspired by travel, each Globazine bears its name handwritten on the tag, from Bolgheri to Camogli, from Chelsea to Nairobi, the name of a dream destination.

GLOBal - magAZINE: a travel diary to wear in everyday life.