Guide to models and sizes

Le Globazine is a sartorial brand of skirts and trousers with the iconic high waist and delightful pockets in neon pink satin. The inspiration finds its roots in the full skirt models of the 50s and 60s, capable of enhancing the sinuosity of every female body.

Thanks to the wide choice of models, fabrics, buttons and the possibility of customisation, you will be able to obtain a unique, quality garment, designed to last over time but, above all, to make you shine. How to choose the model and size best suited to you? It's very simple!

Our models

The length of skirts and trousers is to be measured from the waist . The already packaged Le Globazine creations measure:

120 cm (long skirt and pant);

95cm (midi skirt);

50 cm (mini and shorts).


How to choose the right size?

The sizes of Le Globazine creations are based on waist circumference. To find the right size, measure the narrowest point between the chest and abdomen , at the navel, with a tape measure.

The S ( 64 - 69 cm) wears a size. Italian 36-38;

M (70 - 77 cm) wears a size. Italian 40-42;

L ( 78 - 83 cm) fits a size. Italian 44-46.

Personalize your Globazine

If these standard sizes do not correspond to your body shape, you can communicate your waist circumference and desired hem by email, writing to after purchasing one of the models in the CREATE YOUR GLOBAZINE section.