Collection: Create your Globazine

The ability to create your own custom made Globazine offers a personalized and unique experience.

Choose the model, fall in love with one of our continuous fabrics , match the buttons in the shade you prefer and travel to your next destination!

The floor-length skirt measures 120 cm in length, the midi longuette 95 cm, the mini 50 cm. Palazzo trousers 115 cm and shorts 45 cm.

The internal elastic waistband allows for an excellent multi-size FIT that suits all body types, caressing the curves of Mediterranean bodies and accentuating the waistline of more androgynous ones.

All garments have POCKETS finished in Le Globazine's iconic neon fuchsia satin.

The BUTTONS in the photos are examples. To express a more in-depth idea of ​​creation and preference, write to after making the purchase.

DELIVERY TIMES: are 30 days to protect careful, tailored manufacturing.

Good things take time!

If you are happy to be followed step by step, book your personalized consultation at a cost of 30 euros on the homepage. The entire amount will be deducted from the cost of making the garment.

A thoughtful way to ensure that your purchase fully meets your expectations.

SIZE INFORMATION: (Italian sizes)

the S wears size. 36-38, waist size 64 to 69 cm

M wears size. 40-42, waistline 70 to 77 cm

L fits size. 44-46, waistline 78 to 83 cm